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What can Smart Sneakers do?

Smart Sneakers measure each step you take, they indicate you which way to go, even they lace and pick themselves up. In this article, the technology engineer and researcher, Oded Kariti, shares information about the intelligent sneakers. He relieves that they are not a crazy dream anymore, but are real and available on the market.

Sports shoes with integrated chip

Xiaomi has created smart shoes with an integrated chip that sends all the data of the activity you have done with them to your mobile. Their goal, Kariti says, is to help athletes improve their physical performance.

The Intel chip that these sneakers carry, called Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Intelligent, weighs barely and occupies a minimum space. The battery has duration of 60 days and some of the data they offer is speed or walked distance, something very useful for the professional runners. Both its appearance and the material -transpire and are resistant to water- do not invite us to think that we are talking about smart shoes. Its price, either. In addition, a special edition that shines in the dark was created for those who practice sports at night.

The self-lacing shoes

Nike fulfilled its promise to create the famous shoes of Back to the Future. They are the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 and, for now, they have managed to get the laces tie themselves alone.

Kariti, who has many publications in the field of technology, explains that the sensors of these shoes know exactly when we stand up, so then they initiate the automatic tying of the laces. Then, they allow to each user to adjust them by his preference.

The shoes that guide you

A startup based in India designed the first smart shoes that indicate through vibrations the path you must follow. This is achieved via Bluetooth connection to a mobile device synchronized with Google Maps. According to Oded Kariti, when we arrive on an intersection, the shoe emits a warning in the form of a vibration to indicate the path that must be followed without having to look at the mobile.

The potential of these shoes, which are called Lechal, lies in the fact that they can be acquired only as insoles which can be incorporated in any shoes.

Goodbye mess! The shoes that pick themselves up

Actually, these smart shoes were born with the sole objective of being part of a marketing campaign with which Nissan wanted to explain the new technology that had been created for their cars. For that reason, as Oded Kariti further explains, two tiny wheels, sensors and a small electric motor were installed in a pair of shoes. At the push of a button, they will automatically return to the previously assigned location within the room through a mobile application.

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