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GPS Smartwatch for Kids

· Oded Kariti,Smartwatches,Engineering

Oded Kariti Takes a Look on GPS Smartwatches for Kids

Buying Smartwatches for children under the age of 12 has become a real trend especially in some European and Asian countries. This way children can have fun and keep in touch with their parents, while the latter can have better control at all times of their child, and know exactly where it is after leaving the school yard or going out of the home. As the American designer engineer Oded Kariti explains, this trend has become so popular that over 100 producers marketed their kid’s smartwatches during the last quarter. And obviously there is no room for complaining because there is high demand.

These wearable Smartwatches for children are characterized by low power consumption, high integration, small size and good networking. It has GPS tracking installed, along with WiFi, Bluetooth, an integrated hardware encryption chip, support calls, TrustZone and 4G LTE modem. The smartwatch can work on several targeted programs, including Linux.

Kids Smartwatches don’t have any special complicated functions, but have everything from GPS module for positioning, which is ultimately enough, because children don’t need push notifications from social networks or email. The batteries, as Oded Kariti shares, have a capacity from 300 to 600 mAh, and their autonomy varies depending on the use of the application. If it is using GPS positioning function, the Smartwatch should be charged almost on a daily base. This is one of the drawbacks of Smartwatches for kids. Because children's hands are small the device itself can’t be too big, which leaves very little space for a built-in battery.

On the other hand, Smartwatches can truly be successful in their main selling point, monitoring and locating children. No matter what, children's lives are relatively simple, moving a few blocks from home or from school, but they can still wonder around, get lost or easily become targets of criminals. For Oded Kariti this is one of the device’s best assets, as it can provide clues and narrow the range of location, in case a child goes missing. All in all, it is a simpler and more practical solution than a smart phone, and there is no ban for wearing it at school.

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